Payroll Card Lawsuits

08 Mar

A payroll card is just like a gift card. It is usually purchased with paycheck stubs and cannot be preloaded. Instead, an employer electronically funds an employee's payroll card by loading the workers payroll card with the salary. The card does not need a bank account to fund it, and can only be activated by the employer. payroll cards are only able to be loaded electronically by the employer. Many employers use payroll cards because they are much easier to complete than paper checks. The paper has to be mailed in, processed, signed and sent to the payee. Also, payroll cards to get your paycheck earlycan be printed up quickly and easily and used right away. There is no waiting for the check to come in the mail or processing. Although some employers still use paper checks, many companies have switched over to electronic time clock and payroll cards. They offer the same features and are processed in about the same amount of time. In addition, most companies offer payroll cards to their employees to help them better manage their time, which can also be a time saving feature. Many employers now print up the PayActivpayroll cards as a pre-notebook document so that the employee doesn't have to keep a printed copy of their paycheck. They can simply look at the document online to see their earnings and deposit the money right into their account. For the employer, this is much easier than waiting for paper checks to arrive in the mail. Many employers are also printing up employee salary slips prior to the start of each fiscal year to give everyone an opportunity to know what their salaries will be. This is also a good way to give everyone a chance to adjust their pay rate if they feel they are being paid too much or too little for their services. Some employers may charge a fee for payroll cards, especially if the company offers direct deposit. Direct deposit is the electronic money transfer from your bank account directly into your checking account. Depending on your bank, you may only have to pay a fee if your checks are issued every two weeks or every month. If they offer direct deposit but charge a fee for payroll cards, you should investigate whether there are other options available such as money orders and prepaid debit cards that eliminate the cost of mailing paper checks. This will probably be less expensive than a monthly service fee. Because of the legal issues involved with paying employees, most employers choose to avoid legal issues by offering a payroll debit card instead. This eliminates the need for paper checks. However, this option leaves the employees on the hook for fees for both the debit and the card. It's always best to get a second opinion from a professional before deciding on the best solution for your business. See this post, visit

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